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EasyGantt 5

Team collaboration made simple

The biggest strength of EasyGantt: simplicity and reliability.

Our customers are located around the world. They love our solution for many reasons. The primary one is the ability to manage any project with your teammates.

You can collaborate with your team or clients, create Gantt charts without scratching your head. We always focus our attention on the features that the majority of project managers actually use. Version 5 is a complete rewrite built for online collaboration.

  •   Trial version    

    Version 5.0. Ubuntu 22.04 or Linux Mint Cinnamon 21 are recommended (64 bits only).


Easy to try, easy to buy

EasyGantt 5 is very affordable as we want customers of previous versions to enjoy it.
We have monthly or yearly subscriptions.

After downloading and playing with the trial version, you can manage your own project instance by purchasing a subscription directly from the app.

Manage unlimited projects

Setup your own server instance with a very simple processs and manage unlimited projects for your company instance.

Simplicity at the core

We only focus on the most used features of project management. EasyGantt is intuitive and fun to use. You can upgrade from the BASIC to the PRO version at any time.

Gantt view or Kanban board

The Gantt view automatically manage dependencies between tasks. You can also manage tasks and milestones on a very friendly Kanban Board with full drag and drop.

Work with your staff

You can assign tasks to your staff members and they will get notified. You can invite them to collaborate using the same app, assign a specific project at any time.

Manage costs

For each task, you can assign a fixed cost or a cost related to a resource. You can also assign a budget to your project.

Track everything

The dashboard is a way to keep an eye on everything, the activity view is a way to make sure that the work is done in time.

Share Data

With a native app available on all platforms, you can easily share data between devices and teammates, even files (limited in size).

Client Access

You can invite customers to collaborate on projects. They will have a dedicated login account where they can track the essential of a project.

Manage invoices PRO VERSION ONLY

Easily create estimates and generate invoices once they are accepted by a customer.

Get paid directly PRO VERSION ONLY

Manage payment gateways (Paypal, Stripe and more) to be paid directly by your customers


Perfect for most small businesses

Per month

Per year


Includes timesheet management, invoicing, estimates and much more

Per month

Per year

Features list EasyGantt 4.2 EasyGantt 5 EasyGantt 5 PRO
Platforms Mac Mac, Windows, Linux, Web Mac, Windows, Linux, Web
Minimum operating system macOS 10.12 macOS 11, Windows 10, Ubuntu 22.04 macOS 11, Windows 10, Ubuntu 22.04
Optimized Intel, Apple Silicon Intel, Apple Silicon, ARM Intel, Apple Silicon, ARM
Full dark mode support
Tasks and milestones
Percentage of completion for tasks
Resources assigment
Cost management (budget, cost per task)
Gantt view with browsing options
Dependencies between tasks
Attach documents to tasks
Calendar view
To do lists with reminders
Kanban board
Team notifications
Customer management
Help center with knowledge base
Support and tickets management
Task billing & Invoicing
Payment gateways

NOTE: because of technology challenges, projects made in version 4.2 or older versions cannot be migrated to version 5.

Still having some questions?
Check Frequently Asked Questions. We are adding new topics very often.

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